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Gain insight, control and save

Energy savings are achieved through clear insight into your energy consumption and smart control of devices. Direct visible insight through a connection with a user-friendly display further enhances the savings.

The greatest savings come from controlling devices at convenient and cost-effective energy moments through your smartphone. Gain immediate control over consumption and therefore costs.


Easy to use

The combination of an E-responder (P1-meter including control capability, easily connected to a smart meter) together with the E-display is all that is needed. The E-responder, for example, controls smart plugs that are freely available at retailers like Kruidvat and HEMA. But it can also control other smart (and less smart) devices, such as home batteries. An open system solution, suitable for everyone, on which all possible smart devices can be connected.


For companies in the energy sector

We do not directly supply to consumers or individuals. Instead, we supply to businesses that cater to consumers and individuals, possibly without brand markings (White label). This also ensures an accessible pricing that keeps the solution feasible for everyone.


Works for all household types and devices

After years of development and collaboration in the market, a robust solution has been created that provides the right insight without any fuss and allows for the ability to control energy consumption. This solution is suitable for any type of household. Whether you have solar panels or not, an electric car or not, or simply the appliances we all have, saving is always possible. It is, therefore, a solution that is accessible to everyone.


The E-responder works with all common smart meters (DSMR 2.2 or higher). The E-responder operates via WiFi and also has the capability to control custom assets.

  • Dutch design and production
  • Easy to set up
  • Works on new meters without external power supply
  • Compatible with iOS and Android apps
  • Can also be used to control external equipment
  • For DSMR 2.2 or higher


The energy display provides both real-time insights into consumption and historical data. Having constant access to this information promotes awareness and, as a result, reduces energy consumption.

    • Display with capacitive touchscreen

    • 480 x 320 resolution

    • Outer dimensions: 95 x 65mm

    • Wifi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz and BLE 5.0

    • For DSMR 2.2 or higher

    • Works via USB-C connection

The MySmartGrid app provides direct insight in your energy consumption

1. Download the app       

Download the MYSMARTGRID app from the Apple AppStore
or Google Play store.

2. Create your account

Register your user in the app by creating a username and password

3. Connect the e-responder

Go to the settings in the app and connect your device by following the instructions

4. Set-up your display

Connect your display to power and follow the configuration wizard to connect to your local WiFi and login into your account.

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